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Below is a overview of our site along with the access keys you can use to navigate our site if you cannot use or have not got a pointing device. To use the access key, press ALT + AccessKey, then ENTER in Internet Explorer, or CONTROL + AccessKey, then ENTER on Mac OS. Please Note: Access Keys currently only work in Internet Explorer Version 4 or above and Netscape version 6x and above.

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    • Redevelopment Picture Gallery - No Access Key
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Other Tools

We have provided other tools to make browsing our website easier, and they can be found in the right hand column of every page.

The top set of icons alter the font size for each page, with the icon on the left increasing the font size, the icon in the middle resetting the font size and the icon on the right decreasing the fontsize.

The next set of icons changes the style of the page, which may make it easier to read for some people. The icon on the left selects the default style, the icon in the middle selects a high contrast style and the icon on the right changes the style to black and white. Please Note: Images within the page will still be displayed as they are normally, regardless of what style you select.

Javascript needs to be enabled to use these tools. If it is not enabled, or your web browser does not support javascript then you can make the screen high contrast by pressing ALT + SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN on Windows Operating Systems.

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