In addition to our normal Sunday services and regular activities, a calendar of special events is provided below.

September 2017

4th 6-8pm Open Evening
6th 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service
11th 12.30pm Luncheon Club

May 2017

23rd 7.30pm Church Members Meeting
21st 4.00pm Festival Songs of Praise
20th 10am to 4pm Moulton Festival
3rd 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service

April 2017

16th 10.45am Easter Day Family Service
16th 8.00am Easter Day Communion Service
15th 7.30pm Good Friday Service
13th 7.30pm Maunday Thursday Meal
11th 7.30pm Easter Film Evening
5th 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service

March 2017

28th 7.30pm Church Members Meeting
26th 10.45pm Mothering Sunday
19th 6.00pm Missionary Visit
6th 12.30pm Luncheon Club
5th 10.45pm Womens Own Anniversary
1st 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service

February 2017

19th 5.00pm Evening Parade Service
12th 4.00pm Songs Of Praise
1st 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service

January 2017

24th 7.30pm Church Members Meeting

Note there is no evening service on 1 January 2017.
The morning service will take place as usual at 10.45am.

December 2016

25th 10.00am Christmas Day Family Service
24th 6.00pm Family Christingle Service
18th 6.00pm Carols By Candlelight
7th 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service
5th 12.30pm Luncheon Club

November 2016

27th 4.00pm Advent Songs of Praise
22nd 7.30pm Church Members' Meeting
20th 10.45am Brigades Enrolment Service

October 2016

23rd 5.00pm Tea and AGM
16th 5.00pm Evening Family Parade
5th 7.30pm Healing and Prayer Service

September 2016

27th 7.30pm Church Members' Meeting
18th 6.00pm Havest Festival
18th 10.45pm Havest Festival Family Parade
12th 12.30pm Luncheon Club

August 2016

7th 4.00pm Songs of Praise

July 2016

20th 7.30pm Church Members' Meeting

June 2016

19th 10.45am Father's Day Fun
Followed by Family Service at 10.45am

March 2016

27th 10.45am Easter Day Service
27th 8.00am Easter Morning Communion
25th 7.00pm Good Friday Service
24th 7.00pm Maunday Thursday Meal
23rd 7.00pm Holy Week 3
22nd 7.00pm Holy Week 2
21st 7.00pm Holy Week 1
20th 10.45am Palm Sunday Service (No Parade)
16th 7.00pm Cantare Singers present
Stainer's Crucifixion
Tickets required
15th 7.30pm Church Members' Meeting
13th 10.45pm Womens Own Anniversary
7th 12.30pm Luncheon Club
6th 10.45am Mothering Sunday Parade Service

All are welcome to join us from 9.45am on Mothering Sunday for a light breakfast.

February 2016

20th 10.45am Family Service (No Parade)
7th 4.00pm Songs Of Praise

Note there is no evening service at 6pm on Sunday 7th February.
Please come along to the earlier Songs of Praise service.

January 2016

26th 7.30pm Church Members' Meeting
22nd 7.00pm Burns' Night Supper
Tickets required
17th 10.45am Family Parade Service

Please note that all times and dates are subject to change. We try to keep this information as up to date as possible but please contact us if you wish to confirm any of these dates.

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