The first indication of a Baptist Church in Moulton may well be a religious census dated 1676. Twenty nine Non-Conformists are recorded, and this probably refers to those attending meetings held by John Chown, a weaver, in his home, who had moved to the village from Spratton in 1652.

Image of the Roundel These meetings were continued by his son, who was granted a licence in 1696 under the toleration act of 1689.

There are records of the ministries of William Stranger and his son Thomas in the first half of the eighteenth century, but following the son's death in 1768, it seems the Baptist cause in Moulton was in decline.

William Carey came to Moulton in 1785 and was invited to be the Minister of the church on 2nd November 1786, where he remained until he moved to Leicester in 1789.

William Carey went on to be instrumental in the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792 and the following year went out to India where he remained in Serampore until his death in 1834.

During Carey's ministry, the Chapel was reconstructed and enlarged to a building 30 feet square, and was further enlarged in 1870 to its present size. An extension scheme in 1955 saw the building of a new Manse and three years later the William Carey Memorial Hall was added.

During the following years various improvement schemes have taken place. The most recent of these have seen the addition of a porch to the church itself and redeveloping the hall and the rooms adjacent to the church. Adaptions have been made to conform with Health and Safety regulations and to provide access for those with physical disabilities. At the moment we are making plans for redeveloping the Church itself to make it lighter and more comfortable

We have a small museum about William Carey. If you are particularly interested in the history of William Carey further information can be found on the Carey Experience Website or by contacting Margaret Williams at margaret.williams1@btinternet.com.

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