Sunday at Carey

Join us for worship on Sundays. There are usually two services:

  • Morning Service: 10:45am
    • Includes Crèche and Age Related Teaching Groups.
    • Family Service: Third Sunday each month.
    • Communion Service: First Sunday each month.
  • Evening Service: 6.00pm
    • Communion Service: Third Sunday each month.

On the third Sunday of each month the morning service takes the form of either a family or Brigades' Parade service. Children are always welcome at our services and you need not worry if they are restless and want to move about.

Image of Inside Church Communion is celebrated twice in each month; at the evening service on the third Sunday of each month and at the morning service on the first Sunday of each month. The celebration of Communion is a part of the main service and all those who know and love Jesus as their Lord and Saviour are invited to take part.

On Sundays (other than the third Sunday of each month) there are age related teaching groups for children aged five upwards; we all start worship together in the church and then, for part of the service, the younger people move to their own rooms to explore and study. They then return for the end of the service and often bring contributions to share with the congregation. Younger children can be provided with a separate crèche.

There is always someone to welcome you to our services and after the services in the mornings, refreshments are provided in the adjoining hall.

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